Skeletons kiss while a confused crowd watches. Now, watch what happens when they step out.

It’s been a while since many people have raised their voices against discrimination. Although discrimination has always existed, it hasn’t been until very recently that governments and organizations have taken an active role in fighting it. Everything started when people were bullied for many reasons, the main one being their appearance.

This gave way to a lot of hate crimes. Or in other words, people being abused or assaulted because of the way they looked. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorance can be more powerful on some people than love. They will choose to harm another human being they have not even met, just because of a false pretense or prejudices. Hopefully, we can all learn tolerance soon and end all these crimes.

I think we all met a person who had some sort of disability and was bullied because of that. In my case, it was a boy from school. He was born with a condition on his legs that caused crookedness. He was being treated for it, but he had to wear leg braces which made it difficult for him to walk and slowed him down. He suffered some bullying in school when he started.

Fortunately, the bullies were found, and the problem ended there. You could see that the discrimination and bullying had taken its toll on the boy and he even needed therapy to overcome his fear of going outside. He and I became friends after about a year. I found out that he was very talented. He had started playing the piano when he was about 6 years old.

He was very good at it and could also play some songs after only hearing them once. He also had an extraordinary talent for science and math. He graduated with honors and went on to have a successful engineering career. He went back to that same school, so he could talk to the kids about the dangers of bullying. We have gone a long way from those times and thankfully there are many organizations that have put some initiatives into practice.

One of them is the next social experiment that was done on a busy street. A large crowd gathers around a large screen where they start seeing some skeletons kiss and hug. The audience looks confused and tries to find out what’s going on. They see skeletons of assorted sizes and one by one, they start stepping out. This promises to be a big lesson for all.