I Was Skeptical When She Walked On The Stage With Her Dog

Dog shows are one of the most charming competitions anyone could ever attend and I have always looked forward to going to them. Some of the modern dog shows require the owner and their dog to perform together by dancing to a piece of music. These kinds of dog sports are a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance and are really incredible to watch. This type of competition allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners and some pretty unique and creative performances. Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow is one such highly competitive dog show which has grabbed the attention of many audiences recently.

This video features one of the participants of this famous dog show which is held annually in Moscow, Russia. This dancing duo, which is comprised of a human and a dog, takes the stage and performs the most enchanting dance routine I have ever seen. Only after months of training is this dog able to show off his obedience by dancing alongside his owner. These two obviously have a very special bond or they wouldn’t be able to perform like this.

This dog does his best to sync with his owner’s free style dance moves and impresses everyone in the audience. I was enchanted to see this duo dance. Were you? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you! If you really enjoyed this dynamic dancing duo, please be sure to share this clip on Facebook so everyone can be amazed by them.

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