Skippy the Puppy Does This Adorable Trick to Get a Cookie. He Melts My Heart!

Dogs are beloved all around the world for their energetic nature and their enthusiasm. They are very expressive, and as any dog person can tell you, they’re willing to do anything for a treat or a special kind of food that they love.

If you’ve never seen this for yourself, or if you just love to see happy puppies getting rewarded, you must watch the video we brought to you right below. Even if you’ve seen many dogs do tricks to get a treat in return, this impressive dog will leave you with your jaw dropped!

His name is Skippy, and he’s as adorable as dogs can get! This fluffy fella will do anything to get the cookie on the table! He’s not rude, and he doesn’t get it without permission, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his very obvious excitement towards the tasty snack!

Instead of jumping towards it, this cute puppy begs for it in the most adorable way possible, and when you look at him, you’re gonna wish you could give him the cookie yourself. I’m in love with him already!

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