Skippy The Puppy Dog REALLY Wants That Cookie — Badly. How He Shows It Will Melt Your Heart.

Put some food that’s for you in the same vicinity as a dog. Watch what happens. The dog, which is basically a walking, sentient stomach, wants that food. It doesn’t matter that it may have just snarfed down an entire bag of dog food. It wants YOUR food now. The question is: How can it get it? It can suck in its stomach and look like it hasn’t been fed in the past three weeks. It can whine. It can do the equivalent of “Hey, look over there!” and then steal it. Then there’s what a puppy name Skippy can do.

This video starts with Skippy eying his daddy put a plate with some cookies on it on the coffee table. Skippy wants a cookie. Skippy is a cookie fiend. How can Skippy get Daddy to put a cookie in his mouth? Simple. Beg. But beg in the most refined, restrained way possible. He sits on his hind legs and waves his two front paws back and forth repeatedly. It’s almost like Oliver Twist came to life in a dog: “Please sir, may I have a cookie?”

Over the thousands and thousands of years, dogs have evolved to get humans to give them what they want. It’d be interesting to go back in time and see when the first wild dogs had the light bulbs go off over their heads (yes, I know light bulbs weren’t even around then) that it would be a better idea to be docile to humans than to have to constant forage on what they left behind. Imagine when the first dog lay on its back in front of a human was like, “PET ME?”

Skippy’s showing part of that evolution. Oh, sure, his daddy thinks he’s getting him to act like that, but part of it is hardwired in that pup’s brain. His instincts tell him that this act gives him the best chance to get a yummy cookie in his tummy. If he keeps it up over the years, he’s going to get an entire cookie factory’s worth. Then again, he’d rather walk around than be rolled. There are times he might want to be too proud to beg.

I admit it. I’m a fan of Skippy. Not just because I like peanut butter. Did Skippy melt your heart? Leave a comment below!

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