Skippy the Shih Tzu Does This Adorable Trick to Get a Treat. He Melts My Heart!

Shih Tzu

Dogs are one of the most popular animals in the whole world, and that is because of their enthusiastic and cheerful personalities. They always express everything that they feel, and as every dog parent should know already, they’ll do whatever it takes to get a bit of their favorite treat.

In case you’ve never witnessed something like this for yourself, or if you like to see the reaction of a puppy when they’re given a reward, we have the perfect video for you right here. Lots of dogs do tricks and special signs to let their human friends know they want a treat, and they’ll stop at nothing to get them.

But in case you’ve never witnessed something like this for yourself, Skippy will show you how adorable it can be. He’s one of the most adorable doggies I’ve ever seen, as most Shih Tzu pups usually are, and his fluffy self is desperately trying to get a cookie from his friend.

Instead of taking the cookie that is clearly within his range, he’s polite enough to ask for it from his human parent, and it’s too cute for words!

Watch this adorable clip for yourself down below, it’s one of the best things ever. Tell us what you thought in the discussion section below and get the conversation started!

By the way, Skippy’s dad says, “Don’t worry. Skippy got a doggy treat immediately after the video ended.”

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