Skippy The Shih Tzu Does An AMAZING Trick To Get His Treat. My Heart Melted

Canines are probably the most popular animals in the whole world, which is due to their cheerful personalities. They are always showing everything that they feel, and as every dog owner knows, they’ll do whatever it takes to get a bit of their favorite treat. If you’ve never seen something like this, or if you really enjoy the reaction of a pet when they are praised then this is the video clip for you.

All sorts of dogs know tricks and even special signs to let their owners know they want a treat, and they’ll never stop trying to get them. In this video clip you’ll witness something you’ve never seen. Skippy will illustrate how cute it can be. He’s an amazing puppy as most Shih Tzu pups usually are, and his friend is doing his best to not give him what he wants most, a treat.

Instead of just grabbing the treat and running for the hills with his prize, Skippy politely asks for permission and has a grand time when it is permitted.

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