Skippy The Shih Tzu Performs An Adorable Trick To Get A Treat

Dogs are quite possibly the most popular and well-known animal in the world, and that can be attributed to their enthusiasm for life and cheerful personalities. Their faces are so expressive and their every emotion shows on it. And as every dog parent knows, they will do whatever it takes to get a bit of their favorite treat or attention from their human. This next video shows a particularly entertaining reaction of a puppy when he’s given a reward, so if you are in the mood for something cute, look no further.

Lots of dogs will do tricks or even beg in unique ways to get a treat from their human, and they will stop at nothing short of award winning performances to get them. This performance by Skippy will show you just how adorable these performances can be. He is one of the most precious dogs I’ve ever seen and if he asked me for a treat, I’d probably give him one without asking him to earn it. Skippy is a Shih Tzu, and his fluffy self is desperately trying to get a cookie from his friend.

Skippy has a very unique and polite approach to getting one of his favorite treats. Instead of taking the treat that is clearly within easy reach, he’s polite enough to ask for it from his human parent, and it’s too cute for words!

Watch this adorable clip for yourself. It’s one of the best things ever and is sure to make your day better.

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