This Skunk Is Running Around Like a Headless Chicken – Look What Happened To Its Head! Oh No!

This poor skunk that’s running around with its head stuck in a coke can is our neighbor from up north. He’s Canadian from the town of Orillia in Ontario. They speak English there in Ontario, which is why the maker of this video talked to the skunk in English.

With its head stuck like that, this skunk faced certain death, either a slow death of thirst and starvation, or a faster one in the jaws of a predator. That’s why our hero had to risk everything to save this poor creature right there and then. There was not a minute to waste. Check out the tense drama and fascinating dialogue in this action-packed film.

One may ask, how did the skunk get its head stuck in a Coke can? It appears to be a mutilated can with its top cut off. People cut off the top of soda cans for various reasons even though it’s not recommended. The chief drawback is that one would not be able to return the can and get the deposit back if it were cut off. When aluminum cans become unreturnable, people put them in the trash, or worse, in the outdoor. And then a curious creature like this skunk would get its head stuck in one.

Of course, sometimes we have no choice but to cut off the tops of soda cans. For example, if two persons became lost in the wilderness, they could use two cut-off soda cans and a string to simulate a telephone. If you would like to know more, please google how to make two cans and a string.

Is it possible to keep a pet skunk? Maybe the skunk doesn’t spray if it likes the person. Do you know? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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