Sleeping baby sneezes while on mommy’s chest. His reaction made me laugh so hard.

I dare you to come up with a cuter thing to see than a sleeping baby. I’ll wait. Sleeping kitten? That’s close but no cigar. Same thing with sleeping puppies. I’m not denying that they are cuter, but babies have them beat with one arm tied behind their back. There’s just something so incredibly precious watching a baby sleep, unconcerned about anything. There’s only one thing on their mind – sleep. Though sometimes something happens to disrupt that… and the results can be truly hilarious. Like this video.

We see a baby asleep on his mommy’s bosom. He sneezes, which wakes him up. Immediately, he says, very clearly, “Oh no.” Perhaps he was dreaming of drinking his next bottle of formula and the sneeze interrupted the best part of that. Maybe he was dreaming of already beginning to walk or crawl – he’s motoring around the place in his dream… then “ACHOO!” Rats! I still say “Oh no” when some good dreams are broken up by the alarm.

This little statement makes his mother laugh. “Oh, how cute.” Yeah, it’s cute if he winds up falling back asleep. Otherwise, she’ll wish that he never sneezed, especially if it takes him at least half an hour to go back to sleep. Sometimes what seems cute at first can be quite annoying. You can be sure that mommy dusts thoroughly the next time the two of them sit in that same spot.

I remember a similar incident involving my son. He was being really fussy one night. I exhausted my usual tricks to get him to go to sleep – burping, bottle, diaper changes, rocking, singing, music… you name it… it wasn’t doing a THING for him. Now I was the one who was exhausted and I wound up slumped against the rocking chair, with him in my lap. Suddenly, he sits bolt upright and burps loud enough to shatter the window in the room and then passes out, fast asleep. The only thing that would have made it even better is if he muttered “Excuse me” before entering dreamland.

This was such a funny video even though it’s short. What did you think? Tell us all about it in the comments section!