Sleeping Dogs Have Jaw-Dropping Reaction When Their Dad Whispers “Squirrel”

There aren’t many things as cute as a puppy taking a nap. Whether they’re dreaming they’re chasing after a cat or eating a buffet of tasty treats; these three pups got quite the alarming wake-up call.

While relaxing on the couch, this prankster of a dog owner decides to play a fast one on his sleepy dogs. Lucy, Fred, and Ethel are all taking a nap in the living room when they hear the faintest of sounds.

Their owner whispers, “Hey, where’s that squirrel?” It takes less than one second for all three pups to be up off the ground and sprinting out the doggy door. It’s hard to hold back a smile when there’s a cuteness overload like this one.

Who hope that Lucy, Fred, and Ethel found a squirrel outside or got a tasty treat for being part of a silly prank. It’s safe to say that these three can’t get enough of chasing those bushy-tailed critters.