He Sleeps Every Day On The Streets. Now Watch What This Kind Dog Does.

The problem of homeless people is one of the most evident that America has to face currently.  If you live in any of the major cities you have probably come across several people that live on the street.  I walk past at least one homeless person every day with a dog by his or her side. It’s heartbreaking.

More than three million people experience homelessness every year. It’s also been estimated that 5-10% of homeless people have dogs or cats as their companions. Though society often deems the homeless lazy and irresponsible, these days it should come as no surprise that one unfortunate circumstance can put someone out on the streets. While society ostracizes the homeless, it’s pets that can provide unconditional comfort and loyalty. Many homeless people say they would give up on life were it not for their animals. They’d sooner starve than see their pets go hungry.

That’s why many awesome organizations go out on the streets and treat these animals on the spot. Pets of the Homeless, for example, is dedicated to providing funds for food and medical care to pets of homeless people. Thanks to them, tens of thousands of pets of the homeless were successfully vaccinated and/or treated for illness or injuries, and many were spayed or neutered.

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