Sleepy Baby Duck Snoozes In Accounting Class, Seems He’s Not Going To Get Good Grades!

Nobody ever said Math or Accounting was exciting. This takes me back to my school days when things suddenly sounded French after a while. There’s something about finance and accounting class that makes me want to take a trip to Lala land. So what the baby duck does in the video comes as no surprise.

Meet Dexter, the cute little baby yellow duck that seems to have a problem keeping his eyes wide open in class. Nobody can blame this adorable little guy seeing that the class in session is accounting. Maybe math goes over his head or maybe he’s just sleepy – but let me take this as a sign of just how boring math is and let him sleep.

If the class is so boring for humans, I can understand that it will be just as hard for other creatures to stay awake. Just watching the video makes me want to take a quick nap. I hope nobody sees me snoozing in my corner. Catch you in a few winks!

Did you watch this adorable video? I just loved his little sleepy head nods as he so clearly struggles to stay awake. And when he fell off the table, my heart was in my mouth. Thank goodness for his guardian angel who caught him as he fell. SHARE this video with friends who can’t stay awake in Math and message us in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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