Sleepy Bird Snuggles Up To Papa, But Listen To What He Says Before He Falls Asleep! Hilarious

Birds aren’t that far behind dogs and cats as far as popular pets go.  They are super cute and they really aren’t as messy as other animals. A huge plus side to keeping birds like parrots and parakeets in your house is the joy that they provide, not to mention they are great conversationalists. Just check out the bird in the video below.

This is a budgie named Pedro and it’s bedtime. Every night before he goes to sleep, this little bird has a very unique ritual that he always goes through. His owner sits at the computer and Pedro nuzzles in on his owner and lays his head on his stomach

But he is also a little chatter box! His owner doesn’t get a word in edgewise and the little bird seems to be able to talk to himself. You’ll see that he just talks and talks and talks…

You can sort of tell where it is all going as he begins to get tired and slow down a bit but you won’t expect what he does with his wing at that point.  It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. What a strange ritual for a bird not to mention that most birds would not prefer the light of a computer screen to go to sleep to as they almost all enjoy total darkness for sleeping.

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