Sleepy Cat Fights Hard Battle To Stay Awake, And Loses In Most Adorable Way Possible

Humans are not the only species that love to take naps, and we certainly aren’t the cutest species when we do. Animals are far more entertaining to watch when they sleep. Appreciation for naps seems to grow as we get older and sleep becomes more important. Toddlers and kids tend to fight naps, afraid they’ll miss out on the fun while they are asleep, but sometimes they fall asleep anyway. But as we get older, we crave naps rather than fighting them. I could use one right now!

Animals enjoy naps too, sometimes. Sometimes they fight nap time just a like three-year-old. Our furry feline friends seem to enjoy napping as much as any mother of three would, but in the video below you’ll see one particular feline who is fighting hard to stay awake. Perhaps he’s just a toddler in disguise. His hilarious struggle to stay awake is very entertaining and sure to put a smile on your face. He’s so close, right on the verge of falling asleep, but for some reason, he just won’t let it happen. His battle with sleepy time is as cute as it is funny and I’m sure you’ll laugh as much as I did.

This cuddly kitten in the video below is Oscar and he’s creating a sensation on the internet fighting his nap time. You are sure to stay awake, though, while you watch him. Watch how he loses his battle against sleep in this cute clip, and remember to share it if you love it, with your friends on Facebook!

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