Sleepy Cat Fights Long Battle To Stay Awake, And Loses In Most Adorable Way Possible

There’s something very curious about sleeping and nap times in general. It seems that the appreciation for naps inverts as time passes and one becomes older, don’t you think? When you’re a toddler or a younger kid, nap time is something that you never look forward to, even if it ends up happening anyway and you feel so much better afterwards. But when we get older, there is nothing more pleasant or more desirable than taking a well-earned nap in the afternoon.

Even animals appreciate naps very dearly, and one of the animal species that adores naps more than the rest definitely is our feline friends, the adorable house cats. The one in the video below is having a hilarious and adorable struggle with his nap time, and he tries very hard to stay awake, even if he’s clearly right on the verge of falling asleep. Why do pets and their owners fight going to sleep? He must be afraid he is going to miss something fun if he takes a nap. His long battle with dreamland is as cute as it is funny, and you’ll be giggling when you watch it just as much as I did!

The cute kitten’s name is Oscar, and he’s shown in the adorable video right below from here. Who would have believed just trying to stay awake would make him an internet sensation? Watch how he loses his battle against sleep in this cute clip, and remember to share it if you love it, with your friends on Facebook!

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