It’s Sleepy Time, And What This Cat Parent Does For Her Kitten Is So Sweet

I have seen some cute videos in my time, but I think this one hits the very limit! This impressive video is better than every other adorable cat video I have seen, and when you see it for yourself, you will know that I’m not making any of this up. A very little kitten is being tightly held by her human friend, and they try to put her to sleep by snuggling her and giving her a lot of kisses. She can’t ever get enough attention, and she even tries to kiss her human back to show her love!

It’s the kind of thing that cannot ever be described with words. It’s something that one must witness directly to understand. I don’t know how you will measure, but I found myself unable to stop repeating the video over and over. I love to watch tiny kittens being adorable, but I believe this one takes the cake. If anyone finds a kitty video that’s cuter than this one, they better let me know! She is so comfortable in her owner’s arms that she can’t hold her eyes open, even though she wants more and more attention from mom.

You can watch this adorably cute kitten falling asleep in her human parent’s arms for yourself. It’s right here in this video, ready to make your day! And if you like it, remember to share it with your friends and loved ones on Facebook so that they can share the cuteness with you!

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