Slowly Walking To The Front With Her Walker, This Man Takes Off Her Jacket, And What Happens Next… Unbelievable

Many of us take it for granted and accept the fact that when we get older we will slowly lose our ability to move with stregth and grace. We accept that we should check off all of our physical activities on our bucket list when we’re young and use our time as an elder to sit and reflect on the past.

Mathilda Klein, a 94 year-old woman, is not one to just give up on the things that make life fun and exciting. She won’t just sit back and remember the good old days. She continues to live them every day.

In this video, Mathilda is slowly helped along to the dance floor by her partner and with the help of a walker. She has decided to perform in a dance competition, and the song they will dance to is “Singin’ In The Rain”. They glide slowly across the floor, she with her walker and her partner with an umbrella.

Suddenly, the music stops. Her partner throws down his umbrella, he takes off Mathilda’s jacket, and then she stands up perfectly straight. What happens next will take your breath away…

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