Small Dog Hunts Big Game. A Man Shows Us That The Best Hunting Companion Fits In A Backpack

When hunting elk, you’ve got to be prepared. No one knows this better than Kris Burget and he’s made a helpful video for us.

Sitting on his ATV, Kris gives us a rundown of the gear he’s brought. It’s a chilly day and there could be rain on the way, so he’s been sure to bring extra clothing. He hasn’t forgotten that staple food of hunters: beef jerky! It’ll help keep him going, and maybe not just him alone. Kris’ supply list also includes water, a cow call, and the indispensable gun… But then he offers an essential pointer: “The most important thing, though, is to make sure you have a real good companion. I bring my hunting dog.”

A hound perhaps ? Nope. A smaller breed…
Kris unzips his camouflage backpack and out comes a tiny black-and-white Chihuahua! “This dog can hunt, name’s Coco,” he tells us, introducing his hunting companion. “Don’t let the size fool ya, she’s all business when it comes to hunting. She’s a good watchdog.” And fresh out of the backpack, feisty little Coco barks like a mad thing. It’s like she’s saying, “Let me at those elk! Let me at ’em!” Kris goes on to tell us all about the pint-sized dog’s surprising strong hunting abilities. “You gotta have one of these things,” he says, holding Coco up like they’re at a dog show. “They can track, they’re just the best hunting dogs in the world!” Maybe we have some doubts. Then again, a Chihuahua is about the last thing any elk is expecting to see!
We’ve posted the video below so you can see this fearsome (and totally adorable) hunting dog.

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