A Small Girl Fell To The Ground While Playing Around The Sea Lions. You Won’t Believe Their Reaction!

Going to the zoo is always an amazing experience. When animals are properly held in captivity by people who understand their needs and supplies them with everything that they ever require, they can live very happily in the company of the humans who take care of them. And it allows regular people like us to watch them from up close and enjoy their company.

In the video that we brought today, we can see a little girl that had the time of her life in the Washington D.C. National Zoo, and it’s a total delight! I’m so glad that Ariel Myren, the woman who recorded and posted this video, was able to get her camera out in time, because it’s a very cute moment.

Two little girls were playing a game of tag, and they were very close to the sea lions that they were visiting. The playful animals are known for interacting very well with humans, and they clearly demonstrate it, because when one of the girls suddenly tripped and fell to the ground, the sea lion reacted in a very concerned way. He’s like one more adult taking care of the little girl! Luckily, she wasn’t harmed at all, and the fun didn’t stop there.

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