Small Girl Sits In Front Of A Shy Bulldog. Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Dog When She Reads!

The Shelter Buddies Reading Program at the Humane Society of Missouri was designed to help shelter dogs to become more adoptable. People sit outside of the kennels and read to them, which in turn helps the shy dogs to relax around humans. Even children participate in this wonderful event. When they read stories to the dogs, it helps them develop their own reading skills as well.

On December 12, 2015, kids took part in the first annual Deck the Howls reading event. They read holiday stories to shelter pets, made greeting cards for adoptable animals’ kennels, and enjoyed hot coca and cookies.

Shelter dogs have been through a lot. They are normally timid and frightened as a result of their time in the shelter or the treatment they received from their previous owner. These characteristics are often not desired by adopters. So they end up neglected most of the time. This reading event is a great initiative to help these beautiful canines.

These students read to the shelter dogs to calm them, and it seems to be working. The first little girl is reading to a shy bulldog, but as she reads, she has his full attention. His ears are wiggling as he listens to her and watches her every move.

All of the dogs seem more relaxed, most curling up on their beds to listen. One dog who had just been neutered was wearing a cone, and he was fast asleep while a little girl read to him. I’d say this program is a success.

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