Small Pony Thinks Teddy Bear Is Really His Mother, So What Happens Next?

Moms play a big role in their baby’s experiences. Each child needs the love and compassion provided by their mom. Not all are fortunate enough to experience that. Some are orphaned soon after birth, and even worse some get abandoned by their own parents. Breeze, for some unknown reason was one of few colts that were abandoned by her mother.

This tiny pony was left by his mother just moments after his birth in Dartmoor National Park. He was quite helpless and wandering around the country attempting to nurse on mares. Breeze was already in severe trouble with dehydration when local equine rescue workers were alerted and showed up to help.

In this video you’ll see the star of the show cuddle up to a huge teddy bear that is being used as his surrogate mother.  He gets to feel the warmth and the touch that he really needs for survival and he really seems to be at ease. Even though this story is incredibly sad the outcome that resulted is really adorable to see.
He soon started to feed much better within 24 hours of arriving at the veterinarian facility. He also seems to be having no problems adapting to his new mother at all. Please check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Also share the video with friends if you like it too.

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