A Small Puppy Finds A Swimming Pool In His First Adventure. He MELTS My Heart!

One of the preferred methods for training therapy dogs since they’re small puppies is by exposing them to many different kinds of stimulus and circumstances. It’s important for them to get used to these types of events because when they eventually become professional therapy dogs, they will be required to go to several different places, such as schools, correction facilities, nursing centers, hospitals, etc. They have to be ready to feel comfortable and secure even when in places they’ve never been before. In the video we put below, you will see one of these exercises in its most adorable form!

These 5 puppies are brought to their own custom-made playground, and they’re ecstatic by it. They are still too early in their training for being therapy dogs, but for now they just have to learn to identify distractions. When they notice what is planted as the perfect distraction for them, they all give their full attention to it, except one. Freddy the pup went on his own to look for new things to play with, and he came across a portable plastic pool that looked like the most fun thing in the world!

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