Small Puppy Found In Park Nurtured Back To Health, Wait Till You See How Tiny She Was

Being abandoned has such negative effects on the one abandoned. It can grow into some pretty nasty and maladaptive disorders that stay with the poor victim for such a long time. It’s never opportune and after a long enough time, one can recover from the blow to their psyche and being. The resilient ones can bounce back rather quick, but for others, it can take years before being able to form bonds of trust again.

It seems as though Lily went through a hellish experience after being abandoned in a park. When someone finally found her, and rushed her to a vet, things weren’t looking great for her. She was abnormally skinny and scarred from the event. The vets didn’t want anyone to get their hopes up, as the vitals and tests didn’t reveal good news. The chance of her survival was bleak at best.

Yet, with all the advances in modern medicine this lucky young dog mustered up the strength to pull through and become once again okay with the world. There was a bit of trust issues, which continued for a bit of time, but after being rescued by the same species that left her, it seemed to almost cancel out the negative memories. When you see the before and the condition she was in, to how she is today? Your jaw will drop in astonishment and shock. The change is almost night and day!

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