A Small Tortoise Approaches When Commanded, Who Is Giving Orders?

I love tortoises. There are a couple of giant ones in a nature center not too far from where I live, and they are so much fun to watch walking around. They are used to people, so there’s no danger. I always wonder how old they are every time that I see them. It’s amazing how long-lived they can be too. After I watched this video, I wish I could go visit where Taco the Tortoise is… she seems so cool!

We see a tortoise burrow. A man’s hand shines a light and a woman narrates. They say, “Taco” and then they wait… and wait… and wait. 45 seconds into the video, Taco, a tiny tortoise, comes out. At first she’s a bit shy, retracting her head into her shell slightly, but once she ascertains that there’s no risk to her, she starts warming up to her visitors. Slowly, of course. The woman says that this shows that Taco comes at the sound of her name. I think it might be the flashlight too, but I’m no expert.

Then the best part of the video happens. Taco sizes up the situation in her own inimitable tortoise way, and makes her way onto the outstretched hand in front of her. Eventually, she reaches the palm and just rests her head on the thumb pad. If that happened to me, I would have been like, “AWWWWW” for the next hour. I’m serious, that’s what I would do. Taco is awesome and I won’t listen to any argument otherwise…

Anyone who calls for Taco had better have a large supply of patience, though. You saw how s-l-o-w she was coming out from her burrow – and that was motorin’ for her! Once she pokes her cute head outside, though, any annoyance at her lack of speed is gone. It was for me when I was watching this video, that’s for sure. I just wouldn’t teach her to “roll over”, though. That would turn into a really awkward situation…

Wasn’t Taco worth the wait? The funny thing is that this was uploaded in 2010 and they updated it in 2017, clarifying that she’s a girl, not a boy. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Head on down to the comments section – at your own pace. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook!

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