This Smart Artist Uses Newspaper Rolls And Creates Amazing And Crafted Animal Sculptures.

This Japanese artist called Chie Hitotsuyama was making some amazing pieces of art and everyone is loving what´s she is doing with only paper. All that this incredible artist needs to create her works of art is a bit of newspaper.  Her art is simple captivating with her amazing and down-to-earth animal sculptures that she creates by only doing these three things rolling, twisting, and binding pieces of wet newspaper. She can even use different and colored print to create better contours and to give different color tones to create an extra cute look to all her designs. Her creations are vivid and elegant.  All she does, is handmade, and of course, she needs to make an extra effort and have lots of extra time to complete all her creations.  But she really loves what she does, and you can notice this on her work.

She finely makes the details so that her works look real, the outlines, the eyes and even the way she places the paper, makes it look like the animals had hair instead of paper.

Her creations are inspiring, are real and full of live, it seems like you’re close to one of these animals every time you get a chance to see what she does. The colors she uses to paint, add realism to her artworks making the animals look real. It seems that the animals are asleep and not that they are simply sculptures.  In addition, the use of paper helps to recycle and keep the environment clean.

She makes different types of animals, wolves, monkeys, lizards, she is also capable of create larger animals like rhinoceroses and their effect of reality and naturalness is never lost.

She is inspired by the readiness of animals to create their works. The artist is inspired by the feelings of animals. She knows the needs, she knows what animals do, so she tries all times to draw inspiration from this reality.

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