Smart Dog Gently Rocks Baby To Sleep

It can be hard raising a newborn. The trial of raising a young one comes with all the perils and stereotypes you’ve already heard so much about- waking up in the middle of the night, the crying for hours on end, the breast feeding, the expense of diapers- the whole shebang of raising your own human baby can not only be tiring and expensive, but also worth it. If you have a even amount of help, then things go even smoother. Or at least, as smooth as they can go when you take on the amazing task of parenthood. It can be hard when you get woken up every 3 to four hours a night from the poor young babe crying and crying.

Yet, when Charlie the Beagle comes into the picture, this seems to change everything. Well, maybe not help with the poopy diapers, but possibly thanks to this well learned trick, you may sleep a bit easier knowing the baby is being soothed by a loyal furry friend. When we see Charlie the beagle helping out with the baby for the first time, I know I was blown away. The hound seems almost reluctant, but wants desperately for the young baby to stop the wails of pain and discomfort that’s keeping everyone from the embrace of sleep.

With Charlie’s careful, quick thinking, or possibly a resourceful mama or dad, he quietly and effectively soothes the young babe. The cries seem to fade into the distance as the bond between furred baby and human gets closer and tighter.

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