A smart little foal wants to join dad. My heart melts when I see his next move!

Like father like son. That’s how the saying goes. We live in a country where children still want to be like their parents. It doesn’t matter what their fathers do for a living. It might be construction, engineering, medicine or science. Our fathers have set the foundations for this great country of ours and it’s up to us to follow their lead and continue their tradition.

My father used to be the neighborhood handyman. There was nothing that he could not fix. One day, our toaster stopped working. I told him we should get a new one. I remember he looked at me with a slight grin and told me, “Son, what do you do when a car breaks down?” I said, “Well, you take it to the shop, right? You fix it.” “Exactly,” he said.

He told me that things manufactured in this great country had been made to last. They are not disposable. There’s still a lot of life in the appliances we use every day. You only need to know what parts to replace and how to give maintenance to the motors. The neighbors would bring my father the most useless pieces of junk. After my father had finished working on them, they were as good as new.

My father took pride in everything he did. He believed in doing things right the first time. “No repair should take you more than once,” he said. And that’s how he went about in his business. He also repaired washing machines, blenders, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and so on. He could also repair cars, at least the older models. He used to tell me that they didn’t manufacture cars as they used to.

“Today’s cars are all fiberglass and plastic,” he said. And he was right! Have you seen a collision between an old car and a new one? The new car is barely recognizable while the old car… well, looks like new. He taught me everything he knew. He said that one day, I would be glad he had taught me so many things. And I was, I still am.

My father taught me to do things well. And I take as much pride as my father did when he was around. The only thing I can do right now is to pay homage to his memory by following his philosophy.

I am not the only one who wants to be like his dad. The foal in the following commercial wants is to be like his father, too. He sees the wagon and he knows he’ll be able to pull it, and sure enough, he is!