This Dog is Supposed to Be Guarding the Herd. His ”Work Ethic” Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Funny Sheep Dog

When you live on a farm, you gotta do your chores. That’s a fact of life. That goes for adorable little dogs, too!

This pup’s parents were quick to grab a phone and capture this adorably therapeutic footage you’re about to watch. They decided to go check on their little buddy to see how he was doing, but instead of guarding sheep, he had some other ideas of his own. It looks innocent enough at first…

Then when they got closer to the heard, it all came into focus. Let’s give this little guy some credit. He deserves a promotion for his “management thinking”. That dog is definitely upper management material. After all, nobody said you had to be uncomfortable when you’re doing your job. On the contrary. A comfy dog is a productive dog!

These days there are all kinds of dogs that pitch in and help us, humans, out whether you’re talking about police K9s, military dogs, service dogs or even, humans, emotional comfort animals to help keep us emotionally steady and secure. Dogs all have their important parts to play in our lives.

Of course, this little dog in the video you’re about to watch definitely derives some comfort from his sheep friend, who also appears quite grateful to have some company. And what better way to keep an eye on the herd when you’re literally “on top of things”.

Have fun and enjoy. We sneaked in another “sheepish” clip at the end as a treat. Enjoy!

This Dog is Supposed to Be Guarding the Herd. His \'\'Work Ethic\'\' Will Make You Laugh Out Loud