Smartest (and cutest) therapy dog is only 7 months old and she can handle all this… omg!

All dog owners at some point try their hand at training. It’s pretty easy to get love from your dogs, but training them is the on the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum. You must want to invest a lot of consistent time, use proper methods and be sure to give a whole lot of extra attention to your dog. Even though it is really difficult to train dogs properly you and your pet will be rewarded handsomely.

This film clip brings to you a tiny dog named Misa Minnie who is a 7 month old Yorkie pup. Her owner has made sure to take her time to train Misa in order to pull off wide array of tricks and tasks. You’ll be totally blown away and amazed to see what Misa can do with just a few brief instructional cues by her owner. No wonder why Misa is a huge internet hit.

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