Snake enjoys his new Christmas sweater during the holidays

Snakes don’t always get Christmas gifts worth remembering. Spaghetti the corn snake got the surprise of a lifetime in his favorite color.

It’s not often that a picture or video of a sweater causes confusion. In this instance, the common element between the two is Spaghetti the corn snake. This cute little reptile got a special present that he couldn’t wait to show off.

Adorned from top to bottom in his new knitted sweater, Spaghetti contemplated taking a nap. This was pre-feeding, so he had no trouble wiggling into the sweater.

Unfortunately, the sweater can be a tight fit after he feeds. During the digestion period, Spaghetti dreams of losing enough weight to slip back into his favorite purple sweater.

What started as a simple gift from the family turned into a viral video post. Kindness goes a long way, especially when it is resting in the cutest possible outfit.

Spaghetti is just under 40 inches long, and eats every two weeks. When he isn’t digesting food, Spaghetti crawls into the sweater on his own. Pet snakes are fun, and this is just one of the many reasons why.

Snake enjoys his new Christmas sweater during the holidays