He Sneaks Up On A Homeless Dog, But When She Opens Her Eyes? I’m SHOCKED!

We present to you the shocking rescue of Dorothy, a scared elderly dog who was taking cover deep in some bushes on the side of a busy highway. The amazing organization Hope For Paws received a report about Dorothy from a local Good Samaritan who feared for the poor dog’s life. And though it seems like a rough rescue in the middle of a dangerous highway, the ending will make your heart melt.

The rescuers have to be extremely cautious when approaching an animal in the wild. Their shocking lives have made them very wary and scared of humans, and any mistake or quick movement could ruin the entire rescue and potentially cause a tragedy. But despite the crew’s efforts to be delicate, Dorothy still had a panic attack and even got to bit one of the women who went to her rescue. After the incident, she was in such a state of shock that she froze and laid on the floor right then and there. It’s truly terrifying.

But after much therapy and rehabilitation for Dorothy, she eventually managed to regain her trust in humankind again, and she went through a complete transformation during the process.

You can watch Dorothy’s amazing rescue in the video right below.

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