Sneaky Horse Helps Teen Become Youngest Woman to Win Tevis Cup

Samona Blakely and her mischievous Arabian horse, Goober, have officially made history. Together, they’ve won the prestigious Tevis Cup, marking Samona as the youngest woman ever to conquer this endurance race. And would you believe it? She found Goober for free on Craigslist!

Now, if you know Arabians like we do, you’d agree that these horses are born to run. They have a rich lineage tracing back to desert warriors. But Goober is no ordinary Arabian. Samona describes him as having “personality for three horses bottled up into one.” From opening gates to ripping blankets, Goober lives up to his name. Yet, his antics are not what brought this duo into the limelight; it’s their undeniable spirit and prowess.

Endurance racing, as we all know, is not a playground for the faint-hearted. Races can stretch from 50 to 100 miles and demand not just incredible riding skills but also top-notch horsemanship. You’re not just a rider; you’re a caretaker, a partner, and a strategist. That’s what makes Samona and Goober’s victory so compelling. They didn’t just win a race; they displayed exceptional horsemanship. And let’s not forget that they overcame other riders, some of whom had horses that cost thousands of dollars!

The race began in Tahoe and crossed the rugged Sierra Nevada mountain range, ending 100 miles later in Auburn, California. Toward the final mile, the duo found themselves neck-to-neck with a seasoned competitor who had won the race three times before. But they pushed on, demonstrating their indomitable will. When they crossed the finish line, they did so by just a horse length, but that was enough. Enough to make history, to change lives, and to prove that sometimes, champions come from the most unexpected places.

Four years after this remarkable feat, Samona has authored a book titled “Chasing Dreams: The True Story of the Youngest Female Tevis Cup Champion.” Just like her race, the book aims to inspire us. As she puts it, “some things aren’t just handed to you, but you really have to work for it.”

So, what’s next for this remarkable pair? Samona and Goober are busy training for their next challenge, and who knows, maybe another history-making moment is on the horizon. If you’re hungry for more of their journey, do yourself a favor and watch the video capturing this incredible ride. Go on, hit that like button and share this story because every horse lover needs to know that dreams do come true.

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Sneaky Horse Helps Teen Become Youngest Woman to Win Tevis Cup