These Sneaky Squirrels Are Caught Red-Handed During This Chocolate Bar Heist

It’s no surprise that many wild animals’ thoughts revolve mostly around acquiring food. In areas where a nice meal is scarcely found, animals have to be strategic about their plans, whether they’re hunting or searching any nearby garbage cans for scraps. Sometimes, humans will be generous enough to supply these creatures with food, be it intentional or not!

One day, Cindy Kim’s family’s convenience store was seemingly robbed. They had realized that they were missing a load of candy bars. Up to 40 rectangles of chocolate had gone missing with no explanation. There was clearly a thief on the loose, and the Kims needed to find out who was stealing their food. They decided to check the security footage to see what was going on when they weren’t looking. What the family didn’t expect to discover was that a group of squirrels were the culprits!

When nobody was around to catch them, these squirrels would rush into the store and snag a candy bar before running off down the block. Cindy thinks she knows why the squirrels started doing this. Her parents had recently installed a bird feeder outside, and the squirrels had been nibbling from it. When it ran out of food, they decided to step inside and splurge on some sweet treats, no doubt feeling accomplished over their delicious earnings.

Waiting outside until everyone’s backs were turned, these squirrels couldn’t tame their hunger. They had a craving that had to be filled, and the Kims were unknowingly presenting them with a huge selection of options to choose from! They’d grab a bar and run off, never to be tracked down and surely to be praised by their families.

This footage is too funny to not watch. These silly squirrels sure are smart! Share this video with a chocolate-lover and leave your thoughts in the comments!