Snobby girls won’t stop disrespecting a janitor. That is until he does THIS!

Would you believe that janitors don’t get the respect they deserve? I would say this is true. I have seen people from all shapes and sizes purposely do things to make the janitor’s day more difficult or just longer. Take janitors in supermarkets for example. People sometimes will let their children act as if the supermarket aisles are their personal playground.

This will often include spilling all sorts of liquids on the floor. I mean, maybe people don’t realize this, but the janitor already has a lot of things that he needs to routinely clean. These will take a good chunk of his or her time. So, adding an hour of cleaning to that will probably mean that he will end up going home that day at least an hour late.

Now, I’m not saying that all spillages in the supermarket occur purposely. There are other cases that they are just accidents. The other day, I went to the supermarket to get some milk and a couple of other things. I opened the door only to see about 5 bottles of milk drop to the floor. I tried to grab one of them but the weight of all of them pushed it to the floor. Needless to say, I felt very embarrassed. Even though it hadn’t been my fault, I called the janitor and told her I could clean it, but she refused.

I’ve never been a janitor myself, but I really do feel for all those people whose day consists of cleaning everything we all rather avoid. And I don’t even want to start talking about the restrooms where it can literally get very messy. Most of them do the dirty work and do it with a smile on their face. One of the janitors from my local supermarket is exactly like this.

She’s about 50 years old. A single mother of 5 who works in that supermarket and even has a second job. One day, I went up and asked her why was it that she was always in a good mood. She said, “You know, I may be a janitor now, but I intend to make some progress in life, I won’t get anywhere if all I do is complain.” She made me reconsider many things in my life. I sometimes take for granted the important things in life and worry about things that are not worth it.

The janitor in the next video always does his job with a smile on his face. Well, at least he tries to. Until a group of girls at school start making his life a little more difficult. They think it’s fun to put on lipstick on and leave kisses in all the mirrors of the girl’s room. That is until he decides to give all of them a lesson in hygiene in the most unexpected way!