Snooker tournament rudely interrupted by extremely loud fart

Loudly breaking wind in a social situation is something we all dread. It’s mortifying for the culprit especially because everyone else is going to think it’s funny, even if they’d never admit to something so immature — of course, people young and old have been giggling at farts since time immemorial. Now imagine it happened at a sporting event where the players’ need for intense concentration means the audience is expected to stay completely quiet.

One such sport is snooker. Based on billiards, the rules were drawn up in 1884 by a British army officer stationed in India (“snooker” was slang for a new, inexperienced soldier). Snooker’s popularity really took off after it first appeared on British television in 1969. Snooker fans can thank David Attenborough for that one. He’s better known for his nature shows but at that time he was an executive at the BBC.

In the semi-finals of the 2013 World Snooker Championship held in Sheffield, England, Judd Trump (no relation to the president) was way behind in his match against the legendary Ronnie O’Sullivan. Judd was about to make a crucial shot when someone in the audience ripped an incredibly loud fart. The announcer did his best to pretend it wasn’t what it really was: “A bit of noise in the crowd, there. I don’t know what that sounded like. It sounded a bit strange.” Ronnie and Judd chuckled, although the match official, Michaela Tabb remained stone-faced. Once the audience settled down, Judd prepared to take his shot.

Then it happened again, although this second fart wasn’t as loud as the first. This time around, the players aren’t so amused, even (or because) someone in the audience yelled “Weetabix!” That’s a well-known high fiber cereal sold in Britain. We’ve posted the video for you below.

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