Snooping Cats Start Playing In The Boxes. At 1:50, I Laughed Hysterically!

You can forget about catnip and scratching toys. The thing that cats enjoy the most, above all else, is cardboard boxes! The person who recorded the following clip found that out in the funniest way, after he saw all his cats have the time of their lives playing with just a box. It’s a very simple object, but somehow, they can be entertained with it all day.

If you’re a cat owner yourself, you must be aware of the large variety of toys and equipment for cats available on the market. There’s all sorts of wheels, scratching devices, balls, and fake animals for them to play, but for some mysterious reason, nothing makes them happier than regular cardboard boxes. No matter what size they might be, if they fit, they sit!

The following video explains this phenomenon very well. It says that cats love small and confined spaces such as boxes because it provides them with a safe and comfortable place for them to hide in and stalk their pray if they want to. Even if they don’t hunt to survive, cats love boxes instinctively just because they make them feel more at ease.

See all about cats’ most eternal love in the video below!

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