Snoring Spaniel Gets Pranked By Human, Watch Her Wake Up To Her Own Snores! LOL!

When you’re tired, you snore. Or at least, many people do. But if you’re trying to grab a few winks yourself, it can get pretty annoying to have to stay awake because your room mate is snoring away. Sometimes you wish you could just switch those loud sounds off or block out the noise, and sometimes I’m sure you wish you could give the person a taste of their own medicine.

Well, that is exactly what Tal Solomon did when his dog snored loudly on the couch. He recorded her snores on his phone and after waiting when she’s fast asleep, he played the recording back on loud volume next to her. Watch how she gets startled at the snoring noise and wakes up only to look puzzled! I’m sure she didn’t realize she was snoring or I wonder if she was even aware what snoring is.

I’ve heard of cases of people waking themselves up because they snore too loudly, but this video simply takes the cake! Watch the dog’s expression when she wakes up – that is absolutely priceless!

The King Charles breed of dog is known to snore as their short noses and the way they’ve been bred has led them to become like this. It’s not really their fault but it is something you should watch out for when you adopt a King Charles dog.

I felt a little sorry for the little epoch seeing how she was happily dreaming in lala land. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Have your friends tried that prank on you or on a pet? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to SHARE this prank with your prankster buddies!

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