When Snow Falls, Cat’s Astonishment Is Adorable

Weather has a funny way of effecting not only how we perceive the day, but also our emotional state or mood. Gloomy, rainy days aren’t always met with happiness, but also not always met with depression. It can be an uplifting event when the weather is on your seemingly on your side. On bright and sunny mornings, not bring an umbrella seems obvious. Yet, just when things seem to be going your way, you find yourself drenched, trying to hail a cab after lunch, and you get drenched before your big presentation. It’s a weird ripple of events that can affect not only your day, but how you view your day. Not everyone changes their moods with the weather, but a lot of people tend to feel more pain associated with their bones on days that are cold rather than days that are warm. This alone can show the power of weather and nature at full force.

Yet, to experience one of these amazing phenomena not only at their peak, but for the first time? You have a recipe for wonder and astonishment on your hands. When Tarachan experienced snow for the first time, the reaction was more than priceless. Her hilarious little cat face somewhat misunderstanding what is going on, lead to her awe-inspiring reaction. When you see the precious look of amazement on her tiny little cat face, I’m sure you’ll be as overwhelmed with the impulse to squeeze her cheeks as I was.

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