Man spent 40 years alone in woods, earned the title “Snow Guardian”

Billy Barr

A 66-year-old man created a prize treasure for scientists. He’d lived in the woods for 40 years and recorded data on the snowfall and winter temperatures of the area every single year.

The legendary Billy Barr migrated to the woods due to boredom. Since the winter of 1974, he has recorded his daily observations.

Billy Barr was sensitive about his environment. He did the weather recordings because it was fun and engaging since his shack had no electricity, only books.

Billy Barr

He set up instruments that could be used to measure the temperature. He observed the high and low temperatures of the woods, including snowfall and its depth, water content, and density.

He also recorded when animals appeared, disappeared, and migrated. Living alone had given him a sort of peace. He skis to the nearest town to get the supplies he needs.

He says he gets along cleaning river channels, paths for animals, and other things considered humanitarian and environmentally friendly. Billy Barr, who resides in Colorado, in the woods around Gothic, refuses to leave.

He calls the 1920s abandoned ghost town home. However, his 12,000 recordings have given scientists enough data about one of the coldest places in the United States.

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Man spent 40 years alone in woods, earned the title \