When Snow White herself makes the request, the wishing well works!

The dream go-to destination for children (and some adults, too), Disneyland is known as “the happiest place on Earth.” It was a downright magical place for a little girl who discovered the power of Snow White’s Wishing Well.

4-year-old Alyssa’s dad Scott, a member of the Marine Corps, was back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan but she didn’t know it yet. Her mom Jennifer has a friend who works at Disneyland and the two of them came up with a plan for a very special welcome-home: dad would surprise Alyssa and her 14 month-old brother Liam at Snow White’s Wishing Well. Alyssa was certainly glad to be going to Disneyland but at the same time, she was sad that her dad wouldn’t be there with her.

Jennifer figured that she and her daughter would toss a few coins in the wishing well and then Scott would come over. But her friend at Disneyland was able to arrange something better. Snow White was about to clock-out — even Disney princesses can only work so long! — but didn’t mind staying a little bit longer once she heard what was planned. It was quite a treat for Alyssa to be accompanied to the wishing well by Snow White herself! Alyssa told her, “I wish daddy would come home.” Snow White suggested they close their eyes and ask the well to make it so.

Moments later, someone says, “Hi, baby!” A delighted Alyssa ran over to her dad and got a big hug! Liam was so young he didn’t even know his dad and was a little wary at first (don’t worry: later on that day, he’d completely warmed up to him). That evening, when Scott tucked Alyssa in, she put her hands on both sides of his face and said, “Daddy, my wish came true.”

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