They Sold Their House And Left Her Behind. You’ll Break Down When You See What Happens Next!

Hope For Paws. Need I say more? This non-profit organization has been working hard to rescue animals from cruel conditions in the streets and shelters of Los Angeles for many years. They received a call from a local real estate agent. A homeowner sold their house and left their family dog behind. The agent fed the dog for a few weeks after she was deserted, also seeking help for the little gal on the side.

This cutie was named Madison. Rescuing her involved a pretty tight squeeze, but Lisa Chiarelli was able to squeeze between the wall and house and gently place the lucky leash around this little girl. Pretty soon, she was eating cheeseburgers out of Lisa’s hand. Lisa was able to pick her up, and now her life was about to change.

She walked out on the leash. After rescuing her, the rescuers took her to the vet for medical checkups and a bath. She was in good health and after her bath, she was ready to play. This little girl loves toys and running and playing. She’s friendly and looks particularly cute with a bit of static in her hair, making it stand up.

Shelter Hope Pet Shop fostered her and found her a caring foster home. She is in good hands now and she looks so happy! Thank heavens for her rescue!

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