He Was Sold Into *Slavery* But Was Just Rescued. When She’s Reunited With Her Mom…WOW!

In 2011, a baby elephant that was taken from her mother and sold into Thai tourism has just had a joyful reunion courtesy of Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park.

When the baby elephant Me Bai was taken from the care of her mother, she was sold into Thailand’s tourism trade in order to make profit for businessmen.

But because Me Bai had gotten so weak from the constant stress of carrying tourists on her back, she was set free. That’s when she was sent to the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand.

Because of the terrible experience Me Bai had with humans and had suffered through years of mistreatment, she was afraid and distrustful of her new caretakers at the park. But after she saw they showed no ill will towards her, she “quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way,” the park’s blog wrote.

Inspired by Me Bai’s struggle and her road to recovery, park employees began a search for the baby elephant’s mother in the hopes of reuniting the two.

They were able to locate the mother elephant, Mae Yui, and organized a three-day trip to the village in order to reunite the long-lost pair.

They were reunited just days ago on April 3, 2015. Now park officials are trying to introduce them back to their natural habitat.

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