Soldier And Cat Reunion! 6 Months Away From Each Other!

The men and women that serve our country do so at a price. They pay heavily to defend our rights and our freedoms, and that price is hefty. These men and women are required to leave behind their families; their spouses, kids, parents, and friends.

They are also required to leave behind their animals. It’s not easy on anyone in the entire family when someone is sent overseas. There is uncertainty and fear and a lot of missing going on – even animals miss their owners.

When this soldier signed up, he knew what he was getting into. He knew that signing up for the military would mean leaving behind his family, including his beloved cat. When he was deployed for a six month time frame, he knew he’d miss his beautiful black cat.

He knew his cat would miss him, too.

This cat had a very unique reaction to seeing his owner for the first time in six months, too, and it’s very touching. Okay, it’s not touching; but it is absolutely hilarious.

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