Soldier Comes Back Home From Long Deployment. I Was Smitten With His Dog’s Response.

Dogs miss people when they go away. It’s hard for them to deal with it for even a day, so when their parent goes away for an extended amount of time, it can send them into a depression of sorts. They may eat less, exercise less, and they may sleep more. Maybe they dream of getting back with their parents. Who knows? The good thing for them is that the separation often ends and they get to see their parents again. This compilation shows such incidents.

We see dogs in all kinds of scenarios – in backyards, houses, hotels, airports, you name it. They are waiting for the return of someone that they love dearly who has been away for months and months, maybe even years. They strain at their leashes and bark joyous barks. It’s hard for their mommies to restrain them, since they know the anticipation that they have been dealing with themselves. But it’s time… for reunion.

The compilation shows all kinds of dogs, big, small, medium. The main connection is that they are all so deliriously happy that their soldier daddy is home after all these months. Their bodies are wriggling with such spasmodic joy that there are times that I think their whole skeleton will leap out of their skin. It’s a good thing that doesn’t happen because it would be weird… and gross.

I’d have to say that while I loved all of these reunion videos, my two favorite ones were of the basset hound and the Great Danes. Seeing this little jowly basset hound waddle at warp speed down the hallway to his daddy was simultaneously funny and heartwarming. Also, it’s good that the daddy of the two Great Danes was a big man, because I’d have to say that the sight of two of these giant beasts bounding at me, albeit happily, would make me scared of being knocked over.

Which one was your favorite? Was it hard to choose? It was for me. I had to watch the video three times before deciding. Feel free to tell us your choice in the comments section!

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