Soldier Comes Home After Deployment. His Dog Has The BEST Reaction When He Sees Him.

Even though you may miss them all day, the best part of coming home is having your dog greet you at the door. To them, eight hours might have seemed like eight years, and they will come running up to you, greeting you with barks and a rapidly wagging tail. It’s enough to erase even the worst day from your mind. Now take this video, where you multiply the time gone from a day to a month, or more. The reactions are AMAZING.

We see a compilation of soldiers who have just come home from being deployed for many months, possibly years. They are greeted by one of their favorite family members – their dogs. The dogs range in size, from miniature schnauzers to Great Danes. No matter, all of them show their huge hearts when they show how much they missed their mommies or daddies. It’s really touching.

There’s one common thread woven throughout this video. Every dog goes insane when seeing his or her mommy or daddy when they come home. Their bodies wriggle, they pant, they whine in ecstasy, they lick faces over and over. There are no half-measures here, like “Yea, you’ve been gone a while. I’ll play aloof and you have to follow me.” No, they shower them with every ounce of love in their bodies.

What I found myself thinking while watching this compilation: These soldiers spent many months in some of the harshest conditions, in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and other bases. They may have been in combat, and they spend many hours training to get themselves in peak condition. Now they may be risking injury by getting bonked hard in the head by these overexuberant dogs. That would be irony in action…

Have you had a dog that acted like that when you were gone for a while? We’d love to hear your stories about your own welcoming committees in the comments section.

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