Soldier Comes Home Early And Surprises His Family At Christmas Parade

During the 2012 Shelby Christmas Parade in Shelby, NC, a cop car pulled up and stopped right in the middle of the street. A man was hiding in the backseat of the vehicle, and the big reveal ended up stealing the show that day.

When the video begins, we see the beginning of a Christmas parade with several people watching, unsuspecting that anything out of the ordinary is going to happen. The vehicle in the parade is an old police car and it is following some officers who are marching, leading the parade. They stop suddenly and so does the car. No one really thinks anything of it, but then the officer in the car gets out and walks over to a family and says something to them. Then their son climbs out of the back seat to greet them during the parade.

The man in the backseat was Spec. Walter Smith, a soldier who had returned home from Afghanistan earlier than expected.  Rather than notify his family, he decided to surprise them in a big way. His family was standing right there on the parade sidelines. They had no idea their beloved hero was about to give them the greatest holiday surprise. Suddenly, a police chief interrupts the parade, turns to the family, and tells them he has a surprise. That’s when he walks back to his car and opens the door for Smith to get out and greet his family

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