A Soldier Dog Died In Combat, And You Must Watch What Baggage Handlers Do With His Casket

We have all seen many videos of airport baggage handlers who, despite all the security measures made in the airport, are seen being very disrespectful to the passengers’ property, without any regard to the safety of their belongings. But there’s something that not everybody is aware of, and as it usually goes, it’s things that happen behind the scenes. The video below will show you what I’m talking about.

In it you will meet a group of airport employees and baggage handlers known as the Delta Honor Guard, working in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, in Atlanta. They gather on the hangar as the bodies of a fallen soldier and his K9 partner finally arrive home, where they belong. The Honor Guard does a special commemoration as the caskets are moved into their next plane, and every soldier and K9 officer are worthy of this respect after so bravely serving their country.

The smaller casket that is being boarded into the airplane was the soldier’s K9 partner, who served in the military identifying IEDs. The Delta Honor Guard usually has a few of these ceremonies every week, on flights arriving and departing on the Dallas airport, before it finally leaves for its final destination. It is quite a moving sight to see in this video and I hope you will watch out of respect for these two heroes.

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