Soldier And Father’s Best Friend Come Up With Awesome Plan For Surprise. This Is SO Amazing.

Surprise military reunion videos are the best. Sons and daughters come home from serving abroad, and surprise their family members. They have happened at sporting events, parties, houses, you name it. While those are heartstring-tugging, it also seems to reek of publicity stunts sometimes. The ones that I like are more along the lines of what we see here – only a few people witnessing this when it first happens.

The scene seems to be at a hospital, there’s a sign about sleep appointments on the door that Mason first enters. He puts a finger to his lips when he sees his father’s personal assistant, who has to stifle a squeal of joy when she sees him. He then goes up to the door and knocks once… no answer. He waits a second and then knocks again even louder… and the door abruptly opens, his dad perhaps wondering who is so insistent.

Mason’s dad gives him a fierce hug, while the two visitors who were in his office collect their things, heartened by what they see unfolding before them. Mason’s father’s personal assistant is still holding back tears behind her hands as they wrap up the video. The only thing that stunk was that the closed-captioning settings were in Dutch, for some odd reason. Whoever uploaded it must have been Dutch.

The person that filmed this is the best friend of Mason’s dad – the two of them planned this together in advance several weeks before this was filmed. Mason had grown up with the son of the filmmaker. It was all such a sweet surprise, wasn’t it? This was probably the first time that his dad was glad to be pulled out of a meeting, don’t you think? I wonder how long Mason’s stay will be.

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