Soldier Has To Go Home And Leave His Dog Behind. 2 Years On, He Finds Out What Happened To Her.

The bond between an Army dog and their human companion can be even stronger than a regular human-dog bond. In a war zone, humans and dogs have to work together if they have any hope of coming out the other side alive.

Staff Sergeant Alex Brown worked alongside his army dog Gulik while they were in Afghanistan. When Alex reached the end of his tour he was sent home, but Giluk had to stay in the Middle East. In time she too was sent stateside when the government contractor no longer needed the services the dog could provide.

Greg Meredith, owner of the kennel where Giluk was sent, told ABC local “Eventually I was told that I could dispose of them however I wanted. ‘Disposal’ was not an option. These are veterans that have served our country.”

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