Soldier Surprises His Mom With Homecoming During School Pep Rally

A high school police officer in Atlanta, Georgia got the surprise of her life when during a school pep rally her deployed son ran out with the basketball team. Her son is a soldier in the US Army and had spent 2 years away, so she was overjoyed to hold him again.

D.M. Therrell High School in Atlanta, Georgia was holding a pep rally in its gymnasium that was secretly a surprise homecoming for one of their school police officers. US Army Specialist Shakir Aquill had planned this surprise when he was stationed in South Korea. His mother was shocked when he ran out with the members of the basketball team.

His mother was overjoyed to see her son again after 2 years of being overseas. “It feels like a part of me is missing when he is away,” she said. Finally having her son home again filled her with joy, the moment made all the more special because she shared it with the students she serves and protects every day.